Rules & Regulations


Supplemental Marina Rules & Regulations  

License Year 2018-2019

The following Marina Rules and Regulations have been adopted in order to provide our members and guests a safe and enjoyable Marina. These Rules & Regulations shall apply to all vessels located at Grand Isle Marina in the water, on land, and are expressly made part of the Licensing Agreement, Customer Registration Card, and Liability Release Agreement. The Marina reserves the right to alter, amend, modify, repeal or revoke these Marina Rules and Regulations by posting a new version or otherwise notifying Boat Owner, in writing, of any change.

1) Marina Jurisdiction / General

  1. Boat Owner and current contract lease agreement holder(herein afterwards referred to as Member), family members, guests, agents and contractors agree to comply shall comply with all Marina Rules, all applicable laws, ordinances, resolutions, regulations of Federal, State, and local entities including U.S. Coast Guard regulations, while within the confines of the Marina.
  2. The U.S. Coastguard Rules of the Road and the Navigation Laws of the United States apply to all vessels in, approaching, or leaving Marina at all times. When a boat enters into the Marina Basin, it immediately comes into the general jurisdiction of the Marina Management.
  3. Violation of any city, state or federal laws shall be cause for the Marina to terminate the Member Storage/Docking Agreement immediately, and to cause the removal of the member’s boat from the Marina.
  4. Only pleasure boats in good working condition, and under their own power, shall be admitted to the moorage space. If good condition is questionable, Marina reserves the right to require Coast Guard safety inspections.
  5. All vessels operating in the Marina waters must proceed at idle and no wake speed, so as to cause no damage or injury to any person or property.
  6. Boat Owners must maintain dock for dockage and throughout, free of hazards that may cause damage, danger, or expense to Marina or others.
  7. Boat Owner shall not discharge oil, oily water, or raw or untreated sewage, into the water.
  8. Gasoline or motorboat fuel isn’t permitted to be carried onto docks or boats from shore by order of the State Fire Marshall. Fueling of boat while moored at Owner’s space or slip is strictly prohibited. Fueling of any watercraft or boat is only permitted at an approved fueling station.
  9. All hazardous chemicals, including hydraulic fluid, paint and mineral spirits, paint chips, etc., must be disposed of in accordance with environmental regulations. Please call Marina Office and we’ll help dispose of any hazardous materials. Hazardous materials are prohibited in or by the dumpsters.
  10. Only contractors & service providers or individuals with an approved Access Entry Permit are permitted to undertake any work on boats in the Marina. All other contractors & service providers are prohibited.
  11. If approval is given, the Marina accepts no legal obligation to supervise, conduct follow up checks, or provide safety inspections for such contractors & service providers.
  12. Approval for outside contractors is at the sole discretion of Grand Isle Marina and by no mean guaranteed. All approved contractors and services providers have provided a completed application, proof of general liability insurance minimum of $1,000,000, Grand Isle Marina named additionally insured and workers compensation.
  13. Boat Owner shall make no alterations or modifications to any electrical outlet used for servicing the Boat with shore power. Shore power cords and connectors shall be compatible with the shore-based electrical service outlet and shall comply with all applicable codes and regulations. Any questions regarding this should be directed to Marina.
  14. Boat Owner shall notify Marina management immediately upon any change, termination, or cancellation of insurance policy and shall provide a copy of policy declaration page upon policy renewal.
  15. Marina does not provide trash service from the docks. It is the responsibility of each member to dispose of their trash in the dumpsters when leaving the Marina.

2) Marina Jurisdiction / Marina Rules

  1. Only Approved contractors and service providers are allowed in the marina. Outside contractors must check in at Marina office.
  2. Boats may only be washed with biodegradable soaps and the amount of soap used kept to a minimum.
  3. Boat shall be maintained in an operable condition at all times.
  4. Boat Owner authorizes Marina to make repairs necessary to keep the boat in an operable condition.
  5. No fuel trucks may dispense fuel at the Marina.
  6. All Pets are to be kept on leashes and not permitted to disturb other guests. Pets are to be walked in designated areas only and the owner will be responsible for immediate cleanup.
  7. Member grants access to his slip and or boat to the Marina for the purpose of correcting any conditions originating in his slip, threatening another slip or the common areas, piers or docks, for the purpose of performing installations, alterations, or repairs to the common areas, piers or docks adjacent to Member slip.
  8. omplaints regarding the Marina shall be made in writing to the Marina.

3) Operations

  1. Members must notify Marina Office when they have occupied the slip for the beginning of the slip season.
  2. IN/OUT Customers must notify Marina Office when arriving for the first time of IN/OUT Service.
  3. Dockage Day starts at 6:30 AM. Any vessel docked prior to 6:30 AM will be charged dockage for the previous day. Guest must notify the Marina Office of Check In and Check Out.
  4. Checkout time is 11:00 AM, unless other arrangements are made with the Marina in writing.
  5. Between the hours of 10:00 PM and the following 8:00 AM, noise shall be kept to a minimum at all times and no customer shall operate or permit to be operated any sound producing devices on the exterior of his boat. Patrons shall use discretion in operating engines, generators, radios, or televisions so as not to create a disturbance.

4) Vessels

  1. The slip licenses is contingent on the examination and approval by the Marina manger of the boat to be docked in the Marina. Any boat deemed to be in unacceptable or unsound condition, as determined at the sole discretion of the Marina, will not be admitted into the Marina. Failure to maintain the boat in good mechanical or aesthetic condition shall be cause for removal from the Marina after 10 days notice.
  2. Before Boat Owner asks or permits Marina to move the boat by forklift, travel left, or otherwise, Boat Owner shall do the following:
    1. Put trim tabs in UP position
    2. Put antenna down
    3. Put engine up
    4. Lower Bimini top or canvas covers,
    5. Put anchor light down.
  3. Boats must be operated, secured, and equipped so that they do not present a hazard to people, the facility, other boats, and the boat itself.
  4. Sinks are only allowed with approved enclosed water containment container. They cannot drain directly into waterway.
  5. Only manufactured boat fenders are approved, homemade fenders and tires are prohibited.
  6. All lines, rigging, and halyards will be secured by the vessels Owner in order to eliminate the noise. Slotted masts must have noise protection devices.
  7. Advertising, for sale signs, are NOT permitted. Grand Isle Marina Brokerage is the only boat sale entity allowed to display “for sale” at Grand Isle Marina. No outside brokers are allowed.
  8. Should a Members boat sink in the Marina, Member agrees to raise, or remove boat, within 24 hours of its sinking. The Marina may move or have the vessel removed at the member cost.
  9. Any vessel experiencing more than normal leakage must be repaired or removed from the Marina.

5) Facilities / General

  1. To help ensure security, the Marina member shall not provide any gate or door lock codes to persons other than family and guests.
  2. Boat slip and Marina are to be used at the sole risk of Boat Owner, and Boat Owner assumes such risk. Marina assumes no liability for, and shall not be libel for the care, protection and security of the Members Boat.
  3. Marina Facilities restrooms and showers, laundry etc., are provided for the use of boat owners, members and guests.
  4. Marina Member shall immediately notify and reimburse Marina for any damage or defacement which they, their vessel, guests or employees, or agents, may cause to Marina property.
  5. Operation of motorized vehicles or bicycles on docks or boardwalks for transportation or maintenance is strictly limited to Marina Personnel and pre-approved contractors only. Bicycles must be stored on the boat or Grand Isle Marina bike racks.
  6. All boats shall be docked so that no object extends over the top of the docks. Member is responsible for all damage to docks, slips, power posts, or other Marina property caused by the docking of their vessels.
  7. Boat shall be maintained in an operable condition at all times.
  8. Boat Owner authorizes Marina to make repairs necessary to keep the boat in an operable condition.
  9. Any form of heater, including the light bulbs in the engine compartment, not originally designed for Marine use, and properly installed is a very serious fire hazard and is absolutely prohibited. Unattended portable heaters will not be allowed on any boat in the Marina.
  10. Smoking is not allowed inside facilities, restrooms or fuel docks.
  11. Painting, scraping, or repairing of gear of the boat shall NOT BE PERMITTED on walkways, docks or finger piers.
  12. Fishing or netting is permitted from the docks, finger piers and bulkheads. Fish cleaning is not permitted within the confines of the Marina. Please use the Grand Isle Marina fish cleaning station located at the West end of the marina.
  13. Fireworks are not allowed, including sparklers and other “safe” displays, are ever permitted within the confines of the Marina or from docked boats.
  14. Walkways and docks shall be kept clear at all times.  Supplies, equipment, dinghies, accessories, or debris shall not be left on walkways or finger piers.
  15. Owner shall not store chests, refrigerators, freezers, accessories, or debris on fingers on the main walkways.
  16. Boarding steps and ladders are subject to written pre-approval, by the Marina.

 6) Facilities / Slips

  1. No slip shall be used for any unlawful purpose, and no person shall do or permit any unlawful actions.
  2. Parking in non-rented slips is prohibited. Such boats will be towed and stored by Marina at Owners expense.
  3. The subleasing of slips, transfer of boats between slips or from one slip to another, shall not be allowed except upon written, pre-approval of Marina.
  4. Commercial activities are prohibited on Marina property without a commercial lease agreement. All charter activities, boat rental and like activities require prior written approval and a commercial lease agreement.
  5. Vessels must be positioned within their slips so that no portion of the vessel extends beyond the vertical plane of the edge of the pier.  Specifically, bow pulpits must not protrude onto pier walkways and create a safety hazard for passing patrons.
  6. The finger pier between slips is for the use of boats on each side.
  7. The location of private gangways should be governed accordingly. In no case, shall a single gangway be allowed to block access to another vessel.
  8. Allowing another individual to use your slip in the absence of your boat without prior written consent of the Marina is prohibited.

7) Facilities / Docks

  1. Marina reserves the right to license for use, any and all docks, when vacant.
  2. No dock shall be used for any unlawful purpose, and no person shall do or permit any unlawful actions.
  3. No Swimming or diving is allowed from the docks, finger piers, bulkheads, or docked boats.
  4. No part of the common areas, docks, and finger piers shall be decorated or furnished by Members without written permission from the Dock Master.
  5. Laundering and drying of laundry on docks, finger piers, deck or vessel’s rigging is not permitted.
  6. Repairs and maintenance gear and equipment shall not be permitted on the docks or finger piers
  7. Lockers, chests, cabinets, or similar structures shall not be constructed or placed on docks without written permission from the Marina.
  8. Hose, lines and shore power cords, shall not cross piers.
  9. Any water hoses left on dock must be stored on a hose rack.
  10. Dock carts are provided for Dock use only, and should be returned after use.
  11. Docks to be kept clear at all times
  12. Any chairs or lawn furniture, bikes, etc… must be stored onboard the vessel when not in use.
  13. All materials and accessories must be stored inside the dock box.  No storage of any kind is allowed out or around the dock box.  This includes but not limited to:
    1. No storing of wood, charcoal, etc… is permitted outside the provided dock box.
    2. Storage of loose debris, material supplies, or gear on dock is not permitted.
    3. Play structures such as slide and play houses are not permitted.
    4. Tents for camping, shade or otherwise are not permitted.
    5. No structures are permitted on docks, green space or walkway.
  14. Common grass area permitted items:
    1. Charcoal and gas grills.
    2. Large picnic tables and picnic table umbrellas.

8) Facilities / Sanitation, Trash, Waste, Recycle

  1. The disposal of hazardous materials in or around dumpsters is strictly prohibited. All items listed below but not limited to are NOT to be disposed of in or around the dumpsters
    1. Contact Dock Master’s office for proper disposal:
      1. Used/contaminated absorbent materials.
      2. Contaminated fuels, paints, kerosene, mineral spirits, and expended solvents-MAY NOT be left at the Marina Recycle Center.
    2. Contact Dock Master or service department for the proper disposal of the following Items accepted at the Marina’s Recycle center:
      1. Used batteries, waste oil, used oil filters, oil containers, anti-freeze.
  2. Bilge water contaminated with fuel, oil, or other regulated contaminates may not be discharged into the Marina basin, or on land.
  3. Sanitation devices must be properly functioning and used at all times while the vessel is at its berth. NO discharge of sanitation effluent or dumping of trash overboard shall be allowed in the Marina basin.
  4. Garbage shall be deposited in cans or other receptacles supplied for that purpose. Vessel sanitation systems must be set to route waste to a holding tank or not be used while in the Marina basin. Contact Dock Master Office for pump-out information.

9) Conduct

  1. All persons within the confines of the Marina shall conduct themselves with special consideration for their neighbors. Boat Owners are responsible to inform their family and guests of Marina Rules and Regulations and accept responsibility for their actions.
  2. Unbecoming or disorderly conduct by any persons, including but not limited to public intoxication, abusive language, or physical threats or altercations directed at any other customer, Member, Marina employee, or member of the Public, will not be tolerated and shall be cause for immediate expulsion from Marina.
  3. Loud or disruptive noises such as hailers, loud music, or unnecessarily loud revving of engines will not be permitted.
  4. Dock parties must conclude by 10 pm Sunday-Thursday, and by 11:00 pm Friday and Saturday.
  5. Any noise heard beyond two (2) slips away from Member Boat will be considered too loud.
  6. Children are the sole responsibility of their parents and legal guardians, including full supervision of them while within the Marina and including full compliance by them of these Regulations and policies.

10) Parking

  1. Parking spaces can only be used for licensed vehicle parking.  No storage of any kind is allowed.
  2. Automobiles will observe the 6 MPH speed limit and shall park only in designated parking spaces.
  3. Parking spaces are permitted for vehicles only.  No bicycles, RV’s, trailers, golf carts, etc.. are permitted.
  4. If any vehicle owned or operated by a member or any member of their family, guests, invites, licenses, or sub-owners shall be illegally or improperly parked or abandoned in the Marina or parking areas, the Marina shall have the right to remove said vehicle at the member cost and expense, and the Marina, its employees, agents and affiliates, shall be held harmless by member for any and all damage or loss which may ensue.
  5. Boats/jet skis and trailers are not permitted.
  6. Parking except in permitted and designated areas shall not be permitted.

11) Water Safety

  1. Swimming, diving, and scuba diving, is not permitted from the docks, finger piers, bulkheads or docked boats.
  2. No towing of inner tubes inside the Marina breakwater
  3. It is recommended that young children and non-swimmers wear an approved personal flotation device while on docks and onboard the boat.

12) Dry Storage. Boat Owner is required to:

  1. Have 2 fenders on each side of boat as well as a 4, 12 ft minimum length ropes
  2. Leave outdrive in the UP position if the boat is to be put away.
  3. Members must utilize the VIP/ Staging dock.  If the dock is full, please contact the Marina Office for slip assignment.

13) Pool and Spa

  1. Pool use is restricted to current marina members in good standing and their guest.
  2. When the marina member is not present pool use is limited to immediate family members- significant other and children living in the same household.
  3. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  4. Other guests may only use the pool if the marina member is present. Please keep the number of guest to a minimum.
  5. Parties or excessive numbers of guests must seek prior approval of marina management. Marina members are responsible for the behavior of guest and assume all liabilities.
  6. Security or marina staff will verify people using the pool are members. You may be asked for your name or asked to see your key/fob.

14) Behaviors and Practices

  1. The posted rules in the pool area must be adhered to at all times.
  2. Horseplay, diving, running or any other hazardous/dangerous activities are prohibitive.
  3. Profanity or other improper behavior is not tolerated.
  4. Swimming while inebriated is prohibited.
  5. Showers are required prior to entering the pool.  Only swimwear is allowed. No cutoffs, shorts or other street clothes are allowed.
  6. No glass bottles or smoking are allowed
  7. Pets are prohibited. No pets are allowed in the pool or in the pool area.
  8. Children wearing diapers must wear swim pants when in the pool.
  9. Rescue devices are to be used only in the event of water rescue- not to be used as toys or otherwise taken from their storage areas.

**Good neighbor practices are encouraged. This is a shared space. Please be respectful of others.**